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I believe you cannot change anyone else. The only person you can change is yourself, and when you do, the world changes with you.

Ann Wesso



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I started reading your book last night. It's great!   Daina A.


I talked with Ann at the beginning of September, and have been following a very simple plan she advised, and HALLELUJAH. I feel like a different woman! I literally felt bad for nearly two years, after a complete hysterectomy, and couldn't seem to make the doctors understand, well, Ann did. Here I am waking up each morning with energy that lasts throughout the day, and nary a hot flash in sight!

Sheri H.


I am doing great, your advice has really made a difference!!!! Between that and eating correctly, my energy and outlook on life is pretty positive most of the time. Thank you so much for all you do, and I feel blessed to have you in my life.

Dorli E.


I'm doing very well! By following the regimen we developed, I'm very happy to share I'm free of all of the symptoms we discussed. I have experienced no hot flashes or night sweats in about a month! I thank you very much for your help in aiding me in this accomplishment.

Deb S.



Thank you Ann! You were a strong component of my success in becoming healthier and conceiving my baby.

Elien A.



I truly can't thank you enough for my freedom. I really have been searching for it for a long time and was about ready to give up. Thank you so very much!

Kathy J

I wanted to write and tell you again how much I appreciated your help with my chocolate and sweets addiction. We had a breakthrough and a genuine success. Thank you for making a major change in my life. You are terrific, and I hope God is with you always.

Patty B.



Since my session with you, life has gone in fast forward. I have more confidence and less fear. I am better connected with that inner strength. I really appreciate the love, support and your gentle Spirit.

Betty K.


You are a special gift of light to me. I learn something every time we talk!

Debbie B.



Ann, you are a great Counselor! You are also very beautiful and wise: very deep and connected.

Susan G.

Thank you for making me feel so wonderful!   Pam B.




You are a gifted teacher. It is your calling!   Laura J.

Ann, you have been an inspiration to me…hearing the power in your voice was amazing! You don't know the inspiration you have been!

Deborah T.



Last night was one of your best! Great job! You have learned more and diversified your knowledge, and have become an even more confident, dynamic presenter.

Mara A.


What a lovely presentation. You provided a class we all obviously enjoyed. It is always good to be reminded of further ways to nourish ourselves and promote health and healing.

Flo H.



Thank you for all you've taught me…especially the breathing exercises.

Lynn B.