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I experienced a transformational healing event in my life a couple years ago and would like to share it with you.

A rather large breast tumor showed up which I eliminated using all natural, energetic, and spiritual means with no allopathic medical intervention. It was a personal victory for me!

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Key to this event was the research I was doing for my book entitled Natural Solutions, Women's Health Conditions. That information provided a resource for the various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dilemmas of being female. Additionally, it is my belief that hormone fluctuations were and are a big part of my state of health and mind, and throughout the years, my hormones have created a very exciting life for me, to say the least.

The barometer of my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences, is my body, and it is essential to pay attention to it. My first period was at age eleven, and I immediately developed fibrocystic breasts and cramps, and then later, moodiness, weight gain, etc. Doctors, over the years, prescribed various pharmaceutical drugs and birth control pills, to help, but they didn't. Even at that time, I was stubborn enough to try alternatives, everything from vitamins, herbs, dietary changes, yoga, and more. For example, I discovered that caffeine aggravated my fibrocystic breast condition and stopped that right away.

One morning two years ago, I awoke with a very large, angry tumor on the inside of my right breast. No kidding! It happened that fast. All the study and research for my book provided me with information but yet, I was still scared. Literally scared to death! The tumor was large and extremely painful and, no doubt, a more dramatic manifestation of the fibrocystic breast condition I had all my life. Interestingly, at the time, I did not have any medical insurance and was steeped in wholistic and spiritual approaches. Yet, not only was I "steeped" in them, I believed in them!

My sweet doctor's educated and experienced opinion was that it was breast cancer. To be honest, I wasn't so sure, yet I agreed to a sonogram. The sonogram exposed it as a solid tumor, at which point my doctor suggested I see his oncologist. He had breast cancer ten years earlier and was giving me his best advice, along with his fear. However, I decided on a different course of action; one without the fear! I went to a Naturopath, who talked with me for a couple hours. He helped dispel my fears and together we decided on a path of homeopathics. This restored my self-confidence.

My alternative approach was not blessed by my doctor or other medical professionals or even personal friends. Unfortunately, their fears prevented them from offering me the emotional support I needed at that moment. I made a decision they probably would not make for themselves, and I understood that. Yet I wanted and needed emotional support. The only one that came through was my Angel Mother. She trusted everything I decided for myself (even though it was probably not the choice she would make for herself), and for that, I am forever grateful to her.

There was a moment when I did not know whether I had cancer or not, or whether would live or die. This is an indescribable personal confrontation with life and death, and I was ushered to the edge of my fear, anger, doubts, and beliefs. At that point, I had a very loud, vocal, angry exchange with my Maker in the shower. I cried and yelled and sobbed and screamed, "Why me, God?" No answer came, and I felt empty. Shortly, I realized the better question is "What is this about for me?" I looked inside and realized that I was over-nurturing to others and not nurturing enough to myself. This was very much an emotional tumor, and then I knew I had a choice about how to proceed. In moments, an inexplicable feeling of calm and acceptance came over me, and I eventually surrendered to love and my God.

My tumor was emotionally related, and there's always an emotional connection, yet there are also dietary and environmental connections as well. What did I do? I meditated, took natural herbs and homeopathics, and most importantly used visualization techniques three times a day! I made a choice, believed in it, and followed through! This is crucial.

The most difficult aspect of all this was to go against traditional practices, my doctor, mass consciousness, and educated advice. To do so shakes your foundation. Making the internal decision was the key. Faith (though shaken) and intuition (connection to Spirit) guided my actions. My tumor was gone in less than two months! I am healed. My doctor said I was "lucky," though I know the truth is that I was proactive in my own healing and decision-making. I completely believed in my choices and trusted Spirit.


NOTE: My book offers a practical resource for information, alternatives, and natural solutions to various women's conditions. My best advice is to listen to your body, trust your intuition, and believe in your choice. Choice is very powerful. Beliefs are even more powerful!