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'Orgasm' has been derived from Greek word orgasmos, "to swell" "to be lustful". It is one of the most powerful and satisfying sensations that a human being can experience. It consists of a explosive discharge of accumulated neuromuscular tensions. There is a drive towards release and person is not able to stop it.

What are the manifestations of orgasm?

There is mild twitching of the extremities while rest of the body becomes rigid. There may be muffled cry and rhythmic throbbing of sex organs.

In intense orgasm the whole body becomes rigid, the legs and feet are extended, the toes curl in or flare out.

Mouth gasps for breath, the eyes bulge, stare vacantly or shut tightly. At the climax person may moan, groan or scream.

What is ejaculation and orgasm?

Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate process. Orgasm can be experienced by both sexes and probably by all ages.

Ejaculation on the other hand is experienced by males after puberty when the prostate and accessory glands become functional.

Females have nothing to ejaculate. The fluid that lubricates the vagina is produced during arousal and does not correspond to semen.

What are the stages of ejaculation?

In adults sensations of orgasm are linked to ejaculation which occurs in 2 stages.

First there is a sense that ejaculation is imminent and person cannot stop it.

Secondly person feels contractions in urethra followed by fluid moving out under pressure.


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