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No organ in the human body has been subjected to such unimaginable mutilation as the unfortunate clitoris.

It is a classical example of ignorance about the normal physiology of the most voluptuous organ in the human female. Ignorance on the part of a layman one can forgive, but what does one say about the learned medical men who, until forty years ago, chopped off the clitoris, just as they excised tonsils and appendixes! For removing the latter organs, there was some justification—an infected tonsil could impair health by acting as a septic focus, causing rheumatic fever which might affect the heart and the joints. An acutely inflamed appendix could cause death, if not operated upon in time. But what reason was there to cut off the clitoris? It was supposed to prevent; madness, masturbation and nymphomania in women, the motto of the medical men being 'When in doubt, cut in out'.

In the 19th century Dr. Isaac Baker in London excised the clitoris as a cure for various conditions like sleeplessness, sterility and other ills that his unfortunate victim was supposed to suffer from. In 1859, Dr. Charles Maigs advised a concentrated silver nitrate solution to be applied to the clitoris to prevent masturbation. And in the USA, surgical societies were conducting classes to educate surgeons in clitoridectomy until 1925. The wise men pronounced that 'it saves women a lot of sickness and suffering.' Far-from alleviating suffering, it increased it in the unfortunate women. According to Ms Magazine of March 1980, the wife of a US Congressman states, 'My friend, a contemporary who must be in her sixties now, when she was four to five years old, her family was enlightened and well-to-do, but they accepted this as a treatment for masturbation.


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