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Exercise is essential for the cardiovascular system and keeps cells oxygenated.

It is important to stick to an organised exercise program three to four times a week for at least an hour. Walking daily (fast) is a good start. Those who have had a heart problem should wear a heart monitor when exercising. In fact, if you have not exercised for quite some time, ask a professional at your local gym to check out your fitness level and monitor your heart rate before you start a program.

It's not unusual to hear of men who haven't exercised for some time who go out to the tennis court or the golfing fairway and suffer a heart attack. The danger is in straining the heart too much initially through overexertion. Play safe and build your exercise program gradually. Don't go at it unprepared.

As well as incorporating exercise into your life, you should also find a form of relaxation that you really enjoy. Make sure you take regular holidays, relax daily through meditation, reading or walking or whatever you find slows down your heart rate and empties your brain of unwanted thoughts.

If you are unhappy, or have experienced trauma of any kind through a divorce, break-up, death or separation of any kind, this may be the time for you to take stock of your life. This is especially important if high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart palpitations and anxiety are present.

Make sure you are assessed regularly by your doctor, and include all checks related to the heart and cholesterol. Remember, prevention is much better than fatality.


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